[News] YASCO's AI Anchor LINDA Officially Launches
( 2023-06-29 )

AI Wave has quietly begun, and YASCO Enterprise Corp. has been incorporating AI models since April this year. Apart from using AI models for product DM shoots, we will also be present at major exhibitions, adding a touch of novelty with their humanoid AI model display boards.

In recent days, Taiwan and other countries have introduced AI anchors, heralding a new era. YASCO Enterprise Corp., always at the forefront of technology, is not one to miss out on the realm of social media.

Today, our AI anchor Linda's channel has officially launched, accompanied by the release of three news report videos in different languages.In the future, these videos will also be available on our official website for viewing.

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Today's video: YASCO's participation in medical exhibitions in Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.

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