YASCO Exhibits Latest Medical Care Products at KIMES2023, Attracting International Buyers on the First Day
( 2023-03-23 )

Seoul, March 23, 2023 - YASCO Enterprise Corp. is participating in the 38th International Hospital Equipment & Supplies Exhibition (KIMES2023) in Seoul, South Korea from March 23 to 26, showcasing its latest product line. On the first day of the exhibition, YASCO's booth attracted a large number of international buyers.

YASCO is exhibiting a range of medical aids, medical socks, sports aids, sleep products, medical supplies, and other products at the exhibition. These products are made using the latest technology and materials, have high quality and high performance, and provide comprehensive protection and care for medical institutions and individuals.

YASCO's booth attracted many international buyers who expressed strong interest in the company's product line and gave high praise for its high quality and high-performance products.

As a company focused on medical care products, Chao Hui Industrial Co., Ltd. is committed to providing the best products and services and continuously launching innovative products to meet the ever-changing market demand. We believe that through participating in international events such as KIMES2023, our brand and products will receive wider recognition and attention.


About YASCO Enterprise Corp.

YASCO is a company focused on medical care products, including medical aids, medical socks, sports aids, sleep products, medical consumables, and other products. The company adheres to the concept of "quality first, service first" to provide customers with high-quality and high-performance products and services.

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